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AHD Fast Forward Sailboard

Popular, classic freeride board
Manufacturer: AHD
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Our FAST FORWARD series are Free-Ride boards aimed at giving pure pleasure and strong sensations: their shapes will do the job for you! They are easy and forgiving boards which will not deprive you of your speed, acceleration and soft manoeuvres aspirations, all this in an extended range of sailing conditions.

With thousands of Fast-Forward gracing many of the world spots, these classics have proved the ideal board for the casual windsurfer, high-tech but yet simple and forgiving at an attractive price-point.

At the request of some of the largest Fast-Forward distributors, we have, in 2011, renewed the graphics to be in line with the latest northern- European trends.

On the water

Fast and easy to sail, you will find the Fast Forward very comfortable and easily adaptable to your rhythm of the day, without, at any time, depriving you of the true sensations which make our sport so magic. The inherent stability of these boards guarantees soft and fast jibes without any loss of balance, even in substantial seas.


Easy, forgiving yet fast, lively and smooth: these parameters have been blended into very adaptable shapes which do plane early while remaining fully controllable: on a very harmonious outline. We have designed a single concave bottom, morphing into a double concave towards the tail, an ideal shape for an easy acceleration, while the lateral side-planes and the voluminous rounded rails help stabilize the board.

Shape specifics:

  • Scoop line: flattish but high-rockered forward to maximise speed.
  • Outline: homogeneous, moderately compact and balanced for an early planing, tolerance, quick acceleration out of the jibes and stability.
  • Rails: rounded and voluminous, tucked under, they guarantee a forgiving and easy-to-sail board.
  • Bottom shape: A single concave forward followed by a double concave right under the feet for better acceleration, stabilising side planes and a V-shape aft; these combined parameters are what makes the Fast Forward range, fast, controllable, easy and forgiving boards.