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AHD Freerace Carbon Sailboard

Very fast board with softened rails
Manufacturer: AHD
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Our FreeRace boards are direct offshoots from our successful SL1 range, but a fully new shape-design. Very fast, with softened rails forward – to facilitate gybing and control, they sure can compete with more technical shapes on long distance races. Anybody up for the challenge?

Together with the FreeWave range (“C” and “R”) they build, into our collection, a new segment aimed at offering a strong performance for a medium price.

They benefit from our « Stringer deck » system (we had introduced on slalom boards as early as in 2006) which helps stiffening the board and increase performance, and allow retaining a PVC-glass sandwich which did not prevent our SL1-boards to reach finals in PWA events.

On the water

Our Free Race boards benefit from all of the required qualities enabling one to reach the highest speeds, with an incredible easiness. Their proven shapes keep accelerating without any disruption and perfect stability allows the rider to maintain a constant pressure on the board and keep accelerating at all times.


The double-concave bottom provides power at all wind angles. A vee forward and at the tail, enhances curves and provides tolerating jibes as well as comfort in the chop. Sharp rails aft are the key to a booming plane!

Fitted with a sophisticated Select S11 fin, our FreeRace boards combine easy access and top performance!

Shape specifics:

Outline: compact

Scoop line: rather straight but lifted forward

Rails: quite soft, squarer aft.

Tail: round

Bottom: Veed forward morphing into a single concave, then

double concave under the rider’s feet and veed again aft.

Stiffness: Stringer Deck