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AHD Seal 90 Sailboard

Speed, manoeuvrability, control
Manufacturer: AHD

An Xtra wide approach of surfing.

Fly over your spot in pure surfing conditions and on medium quality waves: this is the Seal target!

We have refreshed the concept with one single volume and a fully re-designed shape which retains the original Seal’s qualities and improves on them:

  • Booming speed and manoeuvrability in lower wind forces and sail-surfing conditions or soft waves: The outline and bottom shape have been designed to shoot-out at the first foot pressure and keep accelerating where a traditional wave-board peaks out.

  • Balance, stability and aptitude to re-locate in non-planing mode:

Get quickly back to the peak; keep your feet in the straps, get-up and plane at the first puff.

The AHD New Seal has an extended surfing range:

  • In higher wind forces:

Its outline is inverted aft, which hangs-on better and offers more grip and tighter -more precise- curves. The thruster fins slice through the water without failing under foot pressure.

  • In lower wind forces: This new shape has been developed to offer an excellent « strapless » performance, with an ability to turn at slow speeds and remain flat on the water in the lightest conditions. « Strapless » sailing, is both formative and exhilarating, it will help you improve your surfing and develop a better feet stance!

  • No wind: Thanks to its full deck-pad this board is both comfortable and resistant and it has a leash-plug, so why not try surfing in dead-calms?

Playful and highly performing, the new Seal breaks all surfing barriers, with or without a sail, with or without foot-straps, with or without wind!

Fly over your mind!

Shape specifics:

  • Very compact outline: reactivity, stability, carrying power, control

  • Outline inverted aft: grip, precise curves, radical manoeuvres, control

  • Optimised width/thickness ratio: a slightly wider but thinner board.

  • Double concave bottom: long and slightly hollowed, to increase speed potential.

  • Slight Vee on the whole length to improve control and manoeuvrability.

  • Thin rails: added surfing capability, radical manoeuvres, control,

  • Curved scoop-line, straightened aft with a slight « Tail Kick »: speed, manoeuvrability, nervousness

  • Thrusters: this has been the « must-have » configuration in surfing for years!

Speed, precision, manoeuvrability, control