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AHD Sealion Classic Sailboard

Windsurf to SUP 135 Ltr
Manufacturer: AHD

Windsurfers had vanished from the spots on light wind days. The SeaLion is a forward-going concept, aimed at surfing waves, strapless, in 0 to 15 knots winds.

The Shape

A direct development of our Seal Concept, the SeaLion shape has been compacted within only 232cm of length, a 74cm width, and an 8,5kgs weight.

This is a board you can travel with and store very easily.

Its 135 litres volume is progressively spread on a balanced and very compact outline; this will guarantee that the board remains stable when stopped, allowing riders up to 100kg to stay standing-up on the board.

Its continuous V-bottom sports slight concaves along the full length, in order to maximise glide in lower wind-forces.

Its tail, with an over-50cm One-foot-Off, is fitted with pretty much outboard twin fins (2 x 18cm); which will get you on the plane from 2 Beaufort and maximise your back-foot turning power.

Its rails are significantly rounded and soft forward.

On the water

The SeaLion is a stable board; it bobs-up on the white-water, thanks to the limited area impacting the wave. With a bottom designed to skim in 1-2 knots winds, it will plane at the very first breeze. Its surfing curves are neat and stable, thanks to excellent supports on the voluminous rail in a bottom turn and instantaneous pivoting when later putting you weight on the back foot in the cut-back.

On a plane, this board will show a surprisingly good speed. Both jibes and tacks will be easy to master.

Strapless planning is a true sensation builder.

More than just a sensational, strapless windsurfing will improve your technique, helping you find the optimal feet placing, and an efficient body attitude

The SeaLion is a ripping stand-up-paddle short-board too!!

Fast and sharp with or without paddle.

Its balanced volume will give you every long-board surfing sensation on a 7’6 ‘’ stick.

Floater, hang ten, 360° or radical surf, anything is possible with a SeaLion !

The Windsurf is back !